"An amazing VR experience!"

Ever wanted to see a Virtual Reality video which depicts the life of someone with OCD?

Well, we have created just that!

In connection with the film and with the support of OCD Action we have produced a Virtual Reality Experience, so viewers could learn a little about OCD as well as experience one of the key scenes from our character Marty's Point of View.

"For Want of a Nail already depicts, without pulling any punches, what it is like to live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. And now, through this immersive experience, you can actually see what it is like to see the world through Marty's eyes."

[Charlie Lovegood OCD Action]

There's a few ways to watch this...

  1. VR Headset – Sit back, relax, and completely immerse yourself by wearing a VR headset.

  2. Cardboard VR Viewer – The fastest and easiest viewing method is with Google Cardboard.

  3. Mobile Phone – No headset or cardboard? You can still watch VR videos on your mobile device. Download the YouTube or Facebook app and search for 'SeekerVR'. After selecting an experience, move your phone through the air or swipe on the video to view in every direction.

  4. Web Player – If you’d rather stick to watching 360 VR from your desktop or laptop, feel free to watch via our web player, on Facebook, or YouTube by using your mouse to scroll around the 360 video. This simulates the 360 experience but does not truly replicate the power of immersion that headset viewing creates.

The VR is available to watch exclusively on the OCD Action Youtube page

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