The 'For Want Of A Nail' Workshop

OCD will be featuring strongly in the subject matter of Oakhill Productions short film For Want of a Nail.

Thanks to OCD ACTION and MIND we are learning so much more about the disorder and importantly how misunderstood it is.

As part of the production development we ran a workshop Lead by Director Lucy Joan Barnes, with support of Volunteers from OCD Action and MIND who live with the condition within their day to day lives.

We invited actors to work through scenes of the script. With the aid of our volunteers we learned practically about obsessions and compulsions / and how sufferers of OCD experience recurring upsetting thoughts and/or behaviours on a daily basis.

All of our volunteers embraced the script with some relating to it on a more personal level.

They worked on a 1 - 1 basics with the actors, breaking down the selected scene / giving the Actors a greater understanding of the character, his rituals, compulsions and how to best perform the scene…

Each scene was played out with both actors and volunteers participating in group discussions and brainstorming ideas


Thanks to our Director Lucy Joan Barnes and Writer Nicholas Thomson

Crew: Production assistant - Charlotte Henwood Camera op - Tom Rollo

Our volunteers:

Our Actors:

  • Joey Jeetun

  • Shamir Dawood

  • Tim Atkin Smith

  • James Mensah

  • Clark Alexander

Our Actress:

  • Jessica Stamp

  • Thomasin Lockwood

  • Ella Cumber

  • Hannah Sinclair Robinson

  • Lauren Lockley


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