Oakhill Productions to release their critically acclaimed, award winning short film ‘For Want Of A N

Worldwide, Online Release Date: 21st February

Following on from festival success, Reigate based producer and owner of Oakhill Productions, Ali Causon, is pleased to announce the release of the critically acclaimed, award winning short film ‘For Want Of A Nail’ - an enthralling short film depicting the reality of living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The film is being released at the forefront for the charities awareness week and aims to highlight the truth about what suffering from this mental illness is really like.

Release poster

Director Lucy Joan Barnes, Bafta nominee for New Talent, was motivated to portray the story honestly and accurately, showing how having OCD can impact a person’s daily routine, work life, relationships and health. “From the first moment I read ‘For Want of a Nail’ I could imagine the huge potential this story has to change people's opinions about what it’s like to live with OCD. I found myself being educated with regards to all the symptoms related to the disorder, some I never would have associated with it until reading the script.”

The film follows Marty, a witty man in his twenties, who struggles to achieve the ‘perfect day’ regarding his OCD. He is a lovable and layered individual, portrayed by Surrey Actor, Clark Alexander, who shows his truth about living with the condition. Writer Nick Thomson, expertly combines his own experiences with OCD, with new fears he had yet to explore. After reading an array of inaccurate articles about OCD, he felt it was imperative a film be created that showed what OCD is actually like and to raise awareness about the misrepresentation of the condition in mainstream media.

‘For Want Of A Nail’ highlights for audiences how OCD deeply impacts both the sufferer and the people around them, while retaining a light hearted side to the narrative. The film has received reams of positive feedback, both from OCD Action members, who were pivotal during all stages of production and test audience viewers, who have understood the importance of the film’s release - “This film sends an excellent message and shows the struggle with a mental health issue that many use as a joke” [Rebecca, a 21-year-old film student]

This highly anticipated film is set to be released on February 21st directly through OCD Action’s online platforms and represents an extremely important, often ignored message. Since completing the short film, the creative minds at Oakhill have been working hard to develop the concept further and, with the aid of the short as proof of concept, are pitching for the opportunity to make a 10 part series based on the film.

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