Award Nominated Set Design!

As with all aspects of ‘For Want Of A Nail’ a lot of thought and planning went into the set design.

There’s a distinct abstract feel to the overall film and it was vital the set design complimented this.

Lead by our award nominated art director Olivia Venables, sourcing personal props and set dressing to bring Marty’s personality and style to the present day, whilst bearing in mind that we are watching the character develop through his flashbacks proved a somewhat consuming task! Again Lucy, Ali and Olivia took to Pinterest in the early stages to build up a collection of looks and styles we saw suiting Marty.

We wanted his personality to shine through to highlight that there is much more to Marty than his OCD. We incorporated items that he is attached to - The late 80s - early 90s nostalgia from his childhood or quirky stuff his parents would have. These items naturally go with the earthy, retro colours are included within the set design.

There is more of a practical Shabby chic, abstract style that comes through in the flashbacks.

Also bearing in mind that girlfriend Sally and sister Mindy appear in these scenes, both their props and the set design had to reflect the change in style.

Marty’s home is not sterile, or minimalist but everything has its place and everything is there for a reason. Whether it be because of an associated memory or simply something he needs. This is where traits of his OCD can be seen.

He enjoys restoring vintage furniture, breathing his own personality into it. Marty likes to give items a second life, he doesn’t feel comfortable with the idea that something can be tossed aside so easily.

This mimics how he repeats his own memories. In his mind and finds it hard to let go of things that other people would not be bothered by.

There are a lot of misconceptions about living with OCD. It's true that for some people, the condition is all about cleaning. Yes, some people obsess over germs and cleanliness, but that’s not all that OCD is.

In Marty’s case putting things in order and everything having its place, is more to ensure his perfect day is run efficiently and correctly… it doesn’t mean his home is spotless!

Award nominated set design

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