The Domino Shot

Why the domino shot?

'For Want of a Nail' covers one day in Marty's life. Marty's OCD has been with him for a lot longer.

The realism for Marty is that his obsessions and compulsions are with him everyday.

As film makers how could we portray that? What would visually hit home that Marty's life is controlled by his need for daily rituals?

The use of numbering days and Marty referencing them triggering flashbacks, got director Lucy thinking about how best to depict these both creatively and in a way to ensure the audience understood their meaning.

"Being that an awful lot of OCD is inside someone's head, and we've been brought inside Marty's head for the film, I thought that might be a good way to represent it: by being figurative rather than literal."

[Nick Thompson - FWOAN Writter]

The Facts & Challanges of the Domino shot

  • 280 Dominoes were used to create the Domino shot at the end of the film.

  • It took Art Director Olivia, 2nd AD Charlotte and Art dept assistant Faye approx 5 hrs to set up

  • The shot of the domino being placed on the table proved to be the most difficult one to get, requiring as many as 25 takes.

It was deceptively complicated as various elements all had to line up perfectly: the camera had to pull focus and dolly back on an uneven floor in a small room crowded with crew members, the lighting had to be manually operated by Andrei and Zac to move on cue, and Clark had to place the domino on the right spot at exactly the right angle.

The time consuming nature of the shot no doubt had 1st A.D Danny's blood pressure rising as he valiantly strived to keep our inner-Kubricks at bay and keep us on-schedule!

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