All About Thomasin

For Want of a Nail, was shot ob location in Reigate, Surrey last year. Before filming our 2nd AD Charlotte had a chat with our principle actors to find out a little bit more about them.

First up is Thomasin Lockwood, who portrays Marty’s twin sister Mindy in the film.

What attracted you to acting?

I'll be honest, I just like putting on a show! I like that we can all forget day-to-day life for a moment. My happiest memories as a kid were doing school plays and making people laugh.

Was it always something you wanted to do or did it come later in life?

As a tiny kid I liked it, but it wasn't until I started Classical Singing when I was fourteen that my love for performing was rekindled.

What appeals to you about the character of Mindy?

I like that she's tough on the outside, but inside is hurting deeply. She's someone who has endured a lot in life and has always had to be the 'strong' one. I like that I get to portray someone so complex.

You studied at Arts Educational, how did that help your craft?

Well I studied Musical Theatre initially! In my third year we did a lot of focus on screen acting and we had to help with production like holding the boom. I'm telling you those things are heavy! So it taught me that I can't just mess around on set -the camera may be on me but everyone else is working hard too.

What has your most challenging role been so far?

I was in a play called Boy Stroke Girl where I played three different characters with three different accents. They all had their way of speaking, way of walking and there was one point where it was a quick change in the play. In 15 seconds I go from one character to the next so I really had to remain focused to keep it truthful.

What is your dream role (stage or screen) and what would you bring to it?

I want to play Iago in Othello. I love that play and I love the characters. I'd want to make her manic and impish to her friends, but bitter and jaded to the audience.

If you weren't an actor, what else would you be doing?

I'd love to have studied historiography, where you study the methods of historians and how reliable they are. Though I'm not sure what job I could have done with that.

What other projects are you working on at the moment?

I'm shooting in late August a proof of concept film for Mass Effect. It's only a short, but I've got my own outfit made! That will be a blast.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I'm currently an actor at The London Dungeons!

What three words describe you?

Childish, talkative and realist.

Name your top three favourite movies and why?

Aliens - A fantastic cast and story. It's almost traumatic to watch for the first time because so much keeps going wrong.

Life of Pi - Beautiful to watch and heartbreaking at the end.

Whiplash - As an artist it's a little painful to watch because it's quite close to home. But it's great music, superb acting and very powerful.

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