Oakhill's Next Generation

The Oakhill Productions team are keen to support up and coming production crew by providing practical learning experience.

We loved having Tom Rollo on set for All's Well, his enthusiasm was a breath of fresh air and we have continued to support his career and watch his skills grow.

We are very proud and pleased to be welcoming him back on set, now stepping up to 2nd AC.

Tom says - “I met Ali about 4 years ago and told her about my career path and she brought me in on a

Tom Work Experience

production that was being planned (All’s Well). I was so excited as I had never worked on a proper film set outside my own amateur films. I started as a first unit runner which was brilliant as it meant that I got to work with all departments and learn on the job whilst not having huge production pressure resting on me. It also meant that I was able to work directly with the director himself.

My time on the production lasted 3 days, in which I learnt a huge amount about professional sets. I also got on well with the team and it really helped me gain experience and understand how the industry works. Now I am working with Oakhill again and I am a second assistant director. Oakhill Productions are really helpful when it comes to work experience as they involve you fully and give you some really excellent experience when it comes to production life.

I have continued to work with Oakhill and I look forward to more years to come.

My current goal is to be a Director of Photography. My ultimate goal is to own my own production company.”

The ‘For Want Of A Nail’ shoot takes place at the beginning of September and we are excited to be inviting Lauren Kosta and Zachary Cash to join us for work experience.

This will be their first time working on a professional set.


Zac Cash

Zachary Cash turned 16 this summer, his passion for film and modern media has resulted in gaining a place on the Creative Media course at NESCOT in Epsom, which begins in mid September.

Zac says - “I am very excited and honored to be doing work experience with Oakhill productions. The opportunity to work onset of "For want of a Nail" is very cool!”

His favorite film, at the moment, is "Rogue 1". Although we are sure that'll change when the next one comes out!

Zac is a pretty laid back guy who likes to unwind with a plate of delicious homemade enchiladas and guacamole. chocolate cake and ice cream for pudding. Delicious!

Lauren McFadden Koster

Lauren McFadden Koster is currently in her final year at Reigate Grammer School studying for her GCSEs including drama.

Lauren says “Ever since I was little I've wanted to be involved in film whether acting or behind the scenes! It's my dream job!”

She lists her favorite films as "To The Bone", "Maze Runner" and her favorite TV show is "Teen Wolf" - “I hope one day I can be involved in productions as amazing as those!!”

She is very excited for the opportunity to learn more about what it's like on set, and how everything works in a professional production; “It's so cool to have this experience!”

We are really looking forward to welcoming both Lauren and Zac on set! We may let them loose on social media during the shoot... #OakhillNextGeneration #FWOAN

Find out more about 'For Want Of A Nail'

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