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A graduate from The BRIT School, Ali starting out as a runner on TV show such as the Bill and Eastenders, before working my way up to various roles, from production manager to Line producer. More recently as Producer for Cinergy films on the up and coming Russian feature, 'The Hidden Track' 

It's been a some what unconventional route, as, being a 'do-er' she found her-self very quickly being relied upon by Head's of Department and stepped up to roles that, at the time, she thought would had suited more experienced crew. But her superiors felt that the knowledge already obtained from my practical learning at entry - mid level jobs infused with my attitude, passion and intuition for film-making put her in a good position and gave Ali the opportunity to fulfill and excel at the tasks.

Oakhill Productions was set in 2010 as an umbrella company for personal projects and has since have built up a strong working relationship with a number of very talented crew, and is now looking to build up the brand. Having Produced music videos shown on TV channels Karrange and Scuzz, plus award winning short films, she's really positive in the direction we are going.

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It was important to Ali that OCD, the subject matters addressed in 'For Want of a Nail' was researched thoroughly.


As part of the production development we ran a workshop with support of Volunteers from OCD Action and MIND who live with the condition within their day to day lives.

Since the workshop we have been working closely with representatives of both charities to ensure creative flare did not over shadow fact about living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

For more info about out workshop read the BLOG here!

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