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Nick is a freelance filmmaker and writer who started his professional career working on a variety of projects from live musical and arts performances to documentary films like “Contempt of Conscience”, which followed the campaign of conscientious objectors The Peace Tax Seven. More recently Nick worked on “The Racket”, a documentary that examined war profiteering during World War One, which received a range of nominations 

He is the author of the “Celebrityville” series of books and is working on his next novel “Murder at the Grindhouse”. He is also a staff writer for Sleaze Fiend Magazine (a publication that delves deep into the gritty world of exploitation cinema), and has maintained a blog for several years in order to combine his love of cinema with his passion for writing.

Nick also took charge of script supervision

for the shoot

Writer Nick as script supervisor


For all nick's thought's, comments & observations on the shoot and more!

Nick overseeing set

Nick, who wrote “For Want of a Nail”, was inspired to do so as a cathartic experience to try and get to grips with his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He was aware of recurring compulsions and intrusive thoughts from an early age, but had no idea what OCD was – so these things just became a part of his everyday life, but remained something of an embarrassment to be kept secret. After years of keeping his OCD to himself, Nick thought it was about time he dealt with it head-on. In recent years the effects of his OCD were becoming more aggressive, so he finally decided to write about what the condition feels like, framing it within a 'nightmare scenario'. And yet it was always important to Nick to maintain a sense of humour throughout the screenplay, affording Marty, the protagonist, a sardonic self-awareness to balance out the darker dramatic elements of the story.

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