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The Hidden Track

Feature Film, currently screening on OKKO

Nika arrives in London where several years ago her sister, Jen, disappeared without a trace. After uploading a message addressed to her missing sister on her social media, Nika receives an SMS from an unknown number. This SMS gives her a hint to what might have happened - leading our protagonist to take up her own investigation. She begins her search in a place where nowadays you can find everything and everyone - Online and social media. New leads bring Nika to a small town on the outskirts of London where her sister lived and worked before she vanished. It turns out that Jen was going out with the lead singer of the local rock band that became popular immediately after her disappearance. Stories from Jen's best friends don't match up, the details of Jen's life seem strange, and the rock stars raise suspicion. Armed with her Jen's favourite MP3 player, Nika gets involved in a game that could cost her life, unaware that the answers she is looking for can be found in the player.

The Hidden Track: About
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Ekaterina Shumakova


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Alan Emrys


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Brian Lye




The Hidden Track: Team Members
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