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Official Festival Selections and Awards

Brighton Rocks Film Festival

Winner - Best Drama

Winner - Best Editor (Ryan Tian)

Changing Face International Film Festival

September Monthly Winner - Best Short Film

Annual Nominations - Best Short Film

​Annual Nominations - Best Editing (Ryan Tian)

Annual Nominations - Best Set Design (Olivia Venables)

Mindfield Film Festival bi-monthly online season

Winner - Bi Monthly Comp - Nov '18

Best Short Film - Platinum Award

UK Offline Web Fest

Winner - Best Director (Lucy Joan Barnes)

Nominated - Best Short Film

Nominated - Best Actor (Clark Alexander)

Top Indie Film Awards

Winner - Best Director (Lucy Joan Barnes)

Nominated -  Best Short Film

Nominated - Best Original Idea

Nominated - Best Writing (Nick Thomson)

Nominated - Best Cinematography (Yana Rits)

Nominated - Best Editing (Ryan Tian)

Nominated - Best Sound (Alex Williamson & Richard Coppen)

Nominated - Best Music (Alex Williamson)

Direct Monthly Online Film Festival - October '18 Edition

Winner -  Best Screen Writer of the Month

(Nick Thomson)

Feel The Reel International Film Festival

Winner - Editor of the Month (Ryan Tian)


Winner - Editor of the Month (Ryan Tian)​

Beeston Film Festival

Nominated - A Better Place

Oxford International Short Film Festival

Nominated - Best Edit (Ryan Tian)

Dublin Independent Film Festival

Nominated - Best Director (Lucy Joan Barnes)

Overcome Film Festival

Nominated - Best International Film

Berlin Flash Film Festival

Outstanding Achievement

Swindon Independent Film Fest @ Swinge Swindon


Eurasia International monthly film festival


Mental Health Arts and film festival

Semi Finalists

London International Motion Picture Awards - L.I.M.P.A

Semi Finalists​

Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival

Official Selection

UK Monthly film Festival

Official Selection

IOFF - Independent Online Film Festival

Official Selection

Los Angeles FEEDBACK Female Film festival

Official Selection

REEL Recovery Film Festival & Symposium

Official Selection

Lift-Off Sessions October 2018

Official Selection

Ficsam Festival

Official Selection

Red Wood Film Festival

Official Selection

English Riviera Film Festival

Special Mention

Screenings, festivals & events

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The Indie Hour

The filmmakers have not romanticised OCD or mental illness in anyway. Instead the team deliver a quirky and relatable character and plot line that highlight the realities of living with OCD. 



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UKFR Logo.jpg

Annie Vincent 

Intimate and insightful, For Want of a Nail, is a powerful short film shining a light on OCD and its psychological impact.


The work done behind the scenes for 'For Want of a Nail' in production and pre-production has combined to produce a tactful and thoughtful piece of film on a topic rarely explored so sensitively... 


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Indie Shorts Mag Team

The paradoxes of thinking you rule the world when every little slip makes you swirl out of control is captured beautifully by Clark Alexander in his performance. Director Lucy Joan Barnes juxtaposes Marty’s past and present in smooth transitional shots. The screenplay (Nick Thomson) littered with voice-overs, makes it easy even for a layman to understand the complexities of an OCD inflicted individual’s world. As the title of the film aptly suggests; sometimes even seemingly unimportant acts or omissions can have grave consequences, especially for someone suffering from OCD... 


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Indi critic.jpg

Richard Propes

From beginning to end, it is obvious that the entire crew for For Want of a Nail is passionate about an accurate, honest portrayal of OCD and the daily ins and outs of life with the challenging mental illness.


An intelligent, respectful film that manages to tell its truth while still entertaining along the way.


The film is just beginning its festival journey and should have no problem finding a home on the indie fest circuit....


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ocd lil logo.jpg

Olivia Bamba

We have had such a huge amount of support from this team over the last year and we are incredibly grateful for that - so thank you every member of the cast and crew for supporting OCD Action's work, for including us in the creation of this wonderful production, and for creating a film that does a great job of portraying the effects OCD can have on a persons life...


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DMOFF Winner Laurel 2018.png

Critique Review

The tone shift which occurs throughout the movie is something that is very interesting, with a brisk and glib narrative coming into conflict with the sad truths that are gradually being revealed underneath it.


At the beginning of the film, this play

tone is much more prevalent, but by the end the melancholy of what we’ve seen has taken over and isolated Marty’s non-stop chatter within the mood, but in the same way the he becomes isolated as a character...


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FWOAN Interviews, news and media

Read Director Lucy and Producer Ali's interview with Matthew Toffolo

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Keith - Mental Health News Hub

I have a friend who has bad OCD. Now I have a better understanding of how his obsessions affect him. Really good informative film. Very informative

Changing Face IFF

We loved your film and are extremely honoured to have such high quality work as part of our festival. 

Chris Baier - Producer. 

UNSTUCK: an OCD kids movie

Loved it! Wonderful!

I don’t have OCD, but I’m always trying to look for context and examples, to help me understand how my daughter is processing things and how OCD might be disrupting/interfering in her brain. The various visual treatments of Marty’s thoughts, in the multitude of ways that you showed them, did a fabulous job to help me. Thank you for that! 


It’s really hard, perhaps impossible, for those with OCD to shut off the thoughts. That’s so clear in the film. Well done.

Ash Curry - Advocate for OCD Action & NHS speaker

Absolutely spot on. Well done for this , very informative

OCD Help for All


I am so impressed with the final product! It's excellent in every way! Bravo and THANK YOU for making it!

Mindfield Film

Festival - Albuquerque

For Want of a Nail is a great short film. The Writing is awesome and the directing brought it together quite nicely. The Acting was very natural and I could feel the emotions in the characters. The Cinematography was very well done. The Editing was smooth and true to the genre. The Sound Design / Score was perfect for the genre as well. The Visual FX were very well done throughout. I loved it!

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