Think. feel. act. OCD.

OCD is a neurobiological disorder.  This means that OCD has to do with the way the brain functions.  Scientists have found that certain areas of the brain work differently in people who have OCD compared to those who don’t.  You’re not “crazy.” You didn’t do anything to cause OCD.  You’re not alone. And your parents didn’t cause it either, even if you really hate a lot of the things they do!


If you don’t already know this, with OCD, fears, worries and bad thoughts (sometimes they’re really disturbing) pop into your head and just won’t go away. These are obsessions.  Or once in a while, you may have certain uncomfortable urges or feelings that make you feel like you have to do something “just right” or “just so.”  What you do to try to make yourself feel better – like washing your hands over and over or redoing your homework until you run out of time and it’s not finished – those are called compulsions.  Sometimes they’re called rituals.  Unfortunately, the more you do these rituals to make yourself feel better, the more you have to keep doing them.  They may make you feel better for a little while, but the obsessions just keep coming back.  And you may feel like you’re doing compulsions all the time.

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