Think. feel. act. Body Dysmorphia.

Have you ever looked in a mirror and become fixated on a pimple or a scar or other flaw on your skin? Or been suddenly consumed by the idea that your nose looks weird? Now, imagine that this is all you saw every time you looked in the mirror. Imagine feeling convinced that these flaws were the only things other people saw when they looked at you.  With all of this leading to feelings of shame, self-hatred, and overly-critical thoughts about your appearance. And when these thoughts and feelings become time-consuming and begin to take over your daily life — this is body dysmorphic disorder.

Film's featured & Further info

Skin Deep
A film by King-Collins Productions

Skin Deep is the third social awareness short film created by King-Collins Productions. This short focuses on the subject of BDD (body dysmorphic disorder), a mental disorder that makes the sufferer believe that one part of their appearance is grotesquely flawed, often sending them on a dangerous and extreme journey to fix a problem that isn't even there.


Girl - Lili Cooper

Dad - Jason Collins  

Teen 1 - Jemma Carlin Wells 

Teen 2 - Lydia Jones


Stills Photographer - Mike Alsford

Makeup Artist - Jemma Carlin Wells

Editor - Luke King Abbott

Score - Fesilyan Studios

Produced by Jason Collins 

Directed by Luke King Abbott

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