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Clark is an actor, writer and musician plays the lead role of Marty in For Want of a Nail. Clark studied at the Drama Studio and after graduating in 2014 has taken on an assortment of roles in theatre and film and has even written a one man show called Origin which has been performed in theatres around London. His performance as Claudio in Much Ado About Nothing at the Rose Playhouse was described as ‘a detailed and skilled performance’ by Female Arts and you should see him as Marty! Read more about Clark...

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Thomasin Lockwood is a stage and screen actress, with a wide variety of roles already under her belt. After graduating from the prestigious Arts Educational with a degree in Musical Theatre, Thomasin has spent her time focusing on more straight theatre and film roles was thrilled to take on the role of Mindy in For Want of A Nail. She is passionate about working on a project that raises awareness about the reality of mental illness and its been a pleasure working with her these past few months.  Read more about Thomasin...

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Lisa is a British actress and writer who studied her craft at The Identity Drama School before starring in a range of theatre and film roles. Her talents include singing and songwriting and she is currently working on a collection of poetry  that is aimed for release by June, it targets mental health, society and relationships. She also has another short film that’s due to be released by the end of this year, about mental health issues. She plays the character of Sally in For Want of A Nail and its been brilliant to work with her on this production.

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